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The experimentation of Toiletpaper, the editorial project of images only signed by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, confirms itself once again without borders, presenting in collaboration with La Bottega, a leading Italian company in the cosmetics sector for luxury hotels, the collection Toiletpaper Beauty.

The irreverent and always original imagery of Toiletpaper thus contaminates the world of beauty, giving rise to a series of Made in Italy products for every corner of the body and the home.

The collection is an unexpected “statement”, an invitation to take care of yourself with fun and irony, letting yourself be carried away in a ecstatic, fragrant and surreal world, capable of involving all the senses and stimulating the imagination.

In fact, olfactory creativity and visual narration characterize all the products, whose specificity is told through the study of each element, the design, the fragrance, the packaging: the dreamlike and unsettling images of Toiletpaper evoke improbable uses, enigmatic and visionary situations, transforming the products of the collection in real objects of desire.

“Toiletpaper was born ten years ago with the desire for me and Pierpaolo to have a place where we can give space to our ideas and intuitions, freeing ourselves from the rules of the worlds we come from”, says Maurizio Cattelan. “We started with the shots of the magazine, the launch parties for the new issues, then the photographs contaminated other worlds and objects”, continues Pierpaolo Ferrari. “Now we take a further step, launching with La Bottega our own beauty collection, conceived and developed by four hands in all its parts and in all its phases”.

Toiletpaper Beauty was presented with an event at the magazine’s headquarters in Milan. Guests were invited to discover the collection by becoming the protagonists of performances and sensory experiences inspired by the various lines. The building came alive in an unprecedented and engaging way: dishes and dishes washed in a vintage bathtub, a man with a horse’s head with which to take pictures and selfies, the astrologer to discover his own beauty horoscope, a set dedicated to hand care. To amplify the experience, the cocktails signed by Oscar Quagliarini, one of the most innovative bartenders in the world of mixology and nose creator of the fragrances in the collection.

Together with Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Tommaso Pacini, among the well-known faces who participated: the songwriters Giovanni Caccamo and Marianne Mirage, the journalist Peter Gomez, the architect and designer Fabio Novembre, the photographer Lady Tarin, the artistic director of design Natuzzi Italia brand Pasquale Junior Natuzzi and Paride Vitale.

Toiletpaper Beauty: le linee

The revolutionary collection consists of lines for personal care, home and leisure: Hair for the hair (shampoo and conditioner), Bath & Body to pamper and spoil the body (shower gel, body lotion, body oil, body scrub, soaps and lip balm), Hands to care for your hands (hand soap, cleansing gel, cleansing spray, hand cream).

The experience also extends to the house with the Home line to perfume domestic spaces with fragrances and diffusers, but also to wash dishes with unexpected dish soap. And again, the line Leisure Wear which includes clothing and accessories (including pajamas, dressing gowns, socks) to contaminate all-round moments of relaxation with the irreverent spirit of the magazine.

Irresistible the kits that mix the various products of the collection: Hair & Body, Home, Soap, Hand, Solid Cosmetic with their collectible packaging are the perfect gift idea for an out-of-the-box surprise.

The fragrances

The project features the kaleidoscopic expertise of Oscar Quagliarini, one of the most renowned bartenders in Europe who, with his revolutionary approach was the first to contaminate the world of mixology with haûte parfumerie: oriented to give rise to real olfactory experiences, Quagliarini has created all the fragrances of collection.

The fragrances are made up of bouquets created in a very simple way, involving a maximum of three ingredients, but clearly recognizable in all their olfactory facets.

In the Hair products the irreverent and eccentric character of the project is expressed to the maximum with a particular and risky combination given by the encounter between vanilla and Sichuan pepper; in the linea Bath&Body – body lotion and shower gel – Turkish rose and earth green rosemary blend, while a more classic, fresh, floral construction was preferred for body oil and shower scrubs.

For the mondo Hands – soap and cream – a warm effect was sought, through almond and beeswax, ingredients that give rise to an idea of ​​softness and an excellent combination of perfume, while the gel / spray cleanser has a fragrant part given by the tuberose in combination with the antiseptic beneficial effects of the tea tree.

For the Home linefinally, the Fabric fragrance is born from the union of ingredients that evoke a feeling of extreme cleanliness (lavender) and freshness thanks to the notes of the fig leaf, while the Room fragrance refers to a welcome idea given by the floral note of Jasmine and at the same time a feeling of ease given by the officinal herb of sage.

credit image by Press Office – photo by Antinori

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