Sight and safe driving: new and suitable lenses every year with Rent Glasses

Sight and safe driving: going towards winter the days get shorter, and with the transition to solar time the evening darkness arrives much earlier than we were previously used to. Poorly lit roads, incorrectly positioned headlights, rain and wipers not in perfect condition, streaked or no longer suitable prescription lenses: these are some of the situations in which our eyesight is severely tested.

That the 60% of road accidents are also caused by sight, as stated in 2012 by the President of ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani and today the situation can hardly be considered improved. If we think that in 2050 half of the world population could be affected by myopia, and that in 10 years the number of people who cannot see well from a distance could reach 2.5 billion, we can realize the extent of the phenomenon.

In Italy he is affected by myopia over 30% of the population and observing the data, it is clear that the age group between 25 and 29 is particularly affected, ie boys and girls able to drive any type of vehicle. In particular, the problem is growing sharply, especially among the very young: two out of 10 are already affected by it at the age of 15. We can also attribute the cause to too many hours spent indoors, obviously with artificial light and reduction of the visual horizon, and to those spent looking at the mobile phone screen or the PC monitor. Even among adults, vision problems are on the rise, but often those who drive do not carry out the necessary checks, underestimating the situation.

There remains the question of road safety: when driving, seeing well is essential and, when needed, a good pair of glasses can also make a difference in terms of reaction to the unexpected. It should be emphasized that there is not only the purchase: an all-Italian company, Rent Too, is introducing an annual rental service for eyeglasses thanks to the collaboration of traditional Optical Centers already present in the national territory.

Glasses for rent it is a valid alternative to have always efficient glasses, of any brand and lens technology, and every year change them with a new pair of glasses, with new updated lenses so that they are always fit for sight, and in the end saving money. In practice, the rental service is similar to that proposed for cars or smartphones. In this case, it is applied to eyeglasses.

“The Eyewear Rental service is expanding rapidly and the absolute novelty is presented and guided by Italy, the leading eyewear country in the world” says the co-founder and director of the company, Marco Bianchi. “The numbers are interesting: there are already 33,000 rentals made in Italy, 15% of which are children, with a positive growing trend”. However, this is not a new brand of franchised optical shops: “Renting Glasses avails itself of independent Optical Centers already active on the market. At the moment there are more than 100, thanks also to a national partnership, with the aim of tripling them in 2021. We select only the best Optical Centers that boast a strong professional experience ”, specifies the administrator.

“We are aware that vision problems are multiplying year by year at all ages due to new lifestyles and that there is a need for more health and road safety” concludes Marco Bianchi, “we therefore felt the strong call social responsibility and the responsibility to devise an innovative service for the optics sector, which would allow maximum visual efficiency every year, without compromise and saving money. And the results are proving us right. “

Sight and safe driving: what are the advantages of renting glasses?

First of all, those who decide to rent have access to the best visual solution, the best quality without compromise without spending a fortune and changing everything new every year.

There is obviously an advantage for health, also for the possibility of overhauling the glasses and taking the visus test every year. This gives the possibility of being able to adjust the glasses without having to adapt to the discomfort of vision changes or to the fact that the lenses have been damaged or streaked.

For all that we had mentioned initially, it is clear the family and social benefit of having a safer driving thanks to the lenses that are always suitable, even if the vision has changed by 0.25, and avoiding that any scratches can alter the vision, especially the night one.

Not only that, for those who are attentive to fashion or their look, being able to change the frame every year is an important factor for their self-esteem, which should not be neglected at all.

Sight and safe driving: how does eyeglass rental work?

The service, at the authorized optical center, provides for the annual review of the glasses and the visus test, and includes 90% coverage for irreparable damage during the year. The customer therefore has 4 options: total replacement of the glasses or lenses only according to the prescription of the ophthalmologist, of each existing brand and technology; the renewal of the same eyewear for a second year; the redemption of the property; the return of the asset without paying anything else; and includes 90% coverage for irreparable damage during the year.

Sight and safe driving: how much does it cost to rent new eyeglasses?

With the Eyewear Rental service it is possible to have a complete eyewear worth 510 euros by renting them for 225 euros for a year or, for a complete eyewear from 234 euros, we are talking about a rental for 95 euros for a year. The service is flexible and adapts to personal needs. For example, it is possible to rent only new lenses, including multifocal ones, for those who already have a frame. Likewise, those who wish can purchase the frame separately. The service adapts to virtually all possible combinations and, importantly, 90% coverage for irreparable damage is also included in the price.

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