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Rudy Profumi Majolica – Quality, originality and beauty Made in Italy are the distinctive characteristics of Rudy Profumi. Founded in 1920 in Milan by great-grandfather Spiridione Calabrese, a far-sighted man of great talent, who began his adventure as a perfumer in his small hairdressing shop, starting from mixing hair dyes to experimenting and finding, first in Italy, the formula to melt and solidify the pressed powders to color the lips, creating the lipstick stick as we know it today.

Today the fourth generation carries on the heritage of a centenary reality with the same passion and professionalism, innovating it with respect for tradition and demonstrating the constant evolution aimed at presenting products with an original formulation, attentive to research and respectful of the environment.

Rudy Profumi also pays constant attention to consumer requests, combining quality, exclusive fragrances and original packaging, with a careful selection of raw materials and fragrances. A scrupulous attention that is also reflected in the development and creation of exclusive and customized products, offering a complete service in the name of creativity, design and experience.

The delicate and performing formulations feature pleasant and evocative fragrances ranging from floral, exotic to the sweetness of fruity notes. Refined fragrances and design packaging are the peculiarities of Rudy Profumi’s masstige products, which, like real home decor objects, fit perfectly into the daily lifestyle.

This union is realized, in particular, in the collection Majolica: a line created thinking of the charm of the beautiful country characterized by fragrances inspired by typical Italian perfumes and dedicated to the cities that represent its history. Sicilian citrus fruits, Mediterranean aromatic herbs, roses from Positano and Amalfi are just some of the fragrances enclosed and enhanced by the elegant and unique packaging.

Rudy Profumi Majolica

The name of the collection derives from the well-known Italian ceramics, inspiration taken from the exclusive designs made by hand and reproduced on the packaging, which give refinement and refinement to the product, transforming it into a design decoration.

To date, Rudy Profumi presents a wide range of body care products: shower gel, body cream and liquid soaps, in addition to the iconic eau de cologne, to a line of ambient diffusers for the home. The next projects of the brand concern the expansion of the entire category of products related to Home Care, in addition to the already present emanators, so as to be able to offer a complete proposal with dedicated lines.

An all-Italian excellence with a modern approach and a profound work ethic that makes beauty and respect for the environment its cornerstones. The reusable packaging in PET, an infinitely recyclable plastic material, contains the choice of excellent suppliers and a refinement of raw materials that make Rudy Profumi a sustainable brand with deep-rooted quality.

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