Perfume Signorina in fiore Ferragamo

Perfume Signorina in fiore Ferragamo: the fragrance is a crescendo of enchanted flowers, a tribute to cheerful and carefree femininity.

Perfume Signorina in fiore Ferragamo is the fragrance pays homage to the romantic and joyful soul of young women. At the dawn of a splendid spring, each young lady welcomes the flower season revealing its most romantic side, like a graceful corolla opens its petals to the first ray of sunshine. Because, when she is in love, every girl blooms like a flower.

The journey begins with exciting and colorful notes, in which the delicious, lively Nashi Pear Sorbet gracefully blends with the juicy Pomegranate. The heart of the fragrance is a crescendo of enchanted flowers: while the Cherry Blossom sways in the breeze, Jasmine petals diffuse a delicate glow. A sinuous lightness pervades the senses, leaving behind a trail of soft White Musk and creamy Sandalwood.

Inspired by the colorful petals of a blooming flower, Signorina in fiore is a tribute to the cheerful and carefree femininity of young women. A lively and joyful pink is the dominant color of the bottle, illuminated by the rose gold cap and the iconic Vara grosgrain bow.

The unmistakable Signorina packaging is reinterpreted with a new color accent. Pink, the romantic shade symbol of the progenitor Signorina Eau de Parfum, acquires a new accent thanks to the lively tone of the grosgrain bow and the label, which give a fresh image and underline the iconic identity of Signorina. A perfect, fascinating union of vitality and elegance.

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