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Narciso Rodriguez for her Black Musk Rose – Narciso Rodriguez creates a new feeling of intimacy with for her Musc Noir Rose, the new sublime fragrance from the iconic for her collection. With this perfume, the for her woman gets naked, revealing her authentic personality and revealing the deepest facets of her femininity, without ostentation or artifice. Her sincerity is disarming and expresses a delicate sensuality, particularly captivating for its refinement.

Narciso Rodriguez for her Musc Noir Rose: the fragrance

Musc Noir Rose opens a new chapter in the never-ending story of for her modern femininity. More sensual and less profound than for her Musc Noir, the amber floral of Musc Noir Rose is enriched with a new voluptuous bouquet of intense tuberose. Its sunny, luminous and velvety facets blend with the unmistakable heart of musk and a bewitching hint of plum to create a deeper sense of intimacy.

The top notes of Italian bergamot oil, enhanced by pink pepper, bring a radiant vivacity, the acidulous citrus is harmoniously transformed from a fruity sweet to a more herbaceous and balsamic note. This fresh and luminous opening contrasts with an irresistible base note of oriental vanilla, its creamy sweetness is accentuated by rich leather accords and the soft and enveloping woodiness of Indonesian patchouli.

“I wanted to create a more flowery and carnal version of Musc Noir, and to do so, I chose to enrich the delicate facet of the rose and jasmine petals with the heady note of tuberose, intensifying the sensuality of the base notes with a modern oriental chypre accord. , explains Sonia Constant, which created both Musc Noir and the new Musc Noir Rose. “In the latter, the characteristic heart of musk is creamier and harmonizes with oriental vanilla offering more sensuality and roundness. To increase the contrast between light and shadow of the formula, I then added a touch of bergamot, accentuated by a top note of pink pepper. Like Musc Noir, Musc Noir Rose contains notes of leather, plum and cedar wood, but is more floral and less woody; there is more vanilla and less leather. It is a decidedly more intimate and engaging, brighter fragrance. “

Taking up the clean and essential lines and the graphic silhouette characteristic of the for her collection, Musc Noir Rose is presented in a bottle of pure transparency, the glass of which is tinged with a seductive nuanced pink. Revealing and amplifying the intense pink hue of the fragrance within, the translucent bottle reflects the delicate sensuality and intimate charm of Musc Noir Rose. Refined artistic object, its design subtly recalls the olfactory contrast of light and shadow, with bright pink glass contrasting with a black lacquered cap.

Narciso Rodriguez for her Black Musk Rose

Lola Nicon, the muse of for her, perfectly embodies the deep sensuality of Musc Noir Rose. The campaign film, shot by Inez & Vinoodh, delicately captures the most intimate and personal facets of her femininity. Their lens reveals the model’s authentic beauty, her vulnerability that turns into strength. Shot using natural light, with an exquisite play of light and shadow, the campaign has an ethereal and dreamlike quality, made up of fragmented memories and intriguing and hypnotic moments. Recurring accents of pink are reminiscent of the bright rosy glow of for her Musc Noir Rose, while darker elements reflect the intense sensuality of musc.

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