Mini Valentine's Day 2021: the Big Love that celebrates the beauty of diversity

Mini Valentine’s Day 2021 – For the feast of lovers par excellence, a message entirely dedicated to the search for a great and different love from the ordinary one, has invaded the main streets and the most iconic places of some of the main Italian capitals: LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH, WE NEED BIG LOVE.

Mini Valentine’s Day 2021: Big Love, the video

The historic centers of Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Naples, Bologna and Venice they saw numerous boys with signs and banners – also hanging from the balconies of many buildings -, who picked up this sentence, thus shouting loudly their need to have a greater love.

Young people of all ages united in their need for affection, at a time when social distancing has made this exchange even more difficult. This is how many passers-by and drivers stopped at traffic lights became curious and questioned in front of a seemingly simple sentence, but imbued with a strong, shared and universal meaning.

And the BIG LOVE in MINI, a mantra, a “password” full of optimism that is perfectly framed in the symbolic places of these cities, such as Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples and Piazza di Spagna in Rome. If from poetry and literature it has been learned how love has always played a fundamental role for everyone, at this moment it is even more important not only to reconfirm this teaching, but to aspire to obtain it in its purest and most authentic form. And Mini, with Big Love, wants to indicate being all together, united towards a single goal: a “great love” that must put aside any difference to bring everyone as close as possible, despite inequalities.

Big Love, in fact, is Mini’s way of seeing the world. A way of life that finds richness in diversity by celebrating its beauty: although we are all different, it is together and united that we are really cool! For Mini, Big Love is love, uniform and unconditional. This is the message to spread and share, so that a strong contribution can also come from your commitment to achieve this goal.

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