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Marvin Gaye Fiat 500 – Fiat dedicates a video tribute to the 50th anniversary of the album “What’s going on” by Marvin Gaye. An emotional movie, full of highly engaging images accompanied by the notes of “Mercy Mercy Me”. The piece taken from the album represents one of the first musical examples in the history of attention to “climate change”, written with the aim of denouncing the effects of pollution on air, oceans and animals.

Marvin Gaye Fiat 500: the emotional tribute video on the notes of “Mercy Mercy Me”

FIAT’s CEO, Olivier François, said: “Marvin Gaye inspired us to look with love at the planet and its inhabitants: to be the engine of change and lead the way to a better future, and the new Fiat 500 full electric it is inspired by the same vision. For this reason, on the 50th anniversary of his most iconic album, it is our duty to pay homage to Marvin’s dream for a more sustainable future. “

Still recognized today by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best records of all time, beyond its musical value the album directly addresses issues with a strong social impact such as environmental protection, the struggle for inclusion and equity, the commitment to guarantee a better future for the new generations. These are still very topical and universal issues that reflect the values ​​that inspired the creation of the New 500, the first Fiat model born full electric and 100% Made in Italy.

The Fiat 500 in the 1960s had invented the “Democratic motorization”: today the New 500 is the spokesperson for a message of change, attention to the environment and sustainable mobility, values ​​embodied by the brand’s claim: Drive for Change. And at the same time, Fiat wants to remind you how electric mobility, of which the Nuova 500 is an ambassador, represents an inspiration for a better future and helps to preserve the environment for the next generations.

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