Lexus red carpet Venice 2020: Cate Blanchett, Alba Rohrwacher and Anna Foglietta

Lexus red carpet Venezia 2020 – The magic of cinema is once again combined with Lexus’ ability to amaze and thrill, combined with high levels of quality, craftsmanship and technology at the top of the market. This research extends beyond vehicles, inspires creativity and innovation in other areas and seeks initiatives and events, such as this one with the Venice Film Festival, which can ensure and transmit an exclusive experience, contained in the Lexus Experience Amazing.

Among others, the godmother arrived on the Red Carpet of the Festival Anna Foglietta, the President of the Jury Cate Blanchett, Alba Rohrwacher, singer Elodie and companion Marracash, on the occasion of the presentation of the film “Lacci” by Daniele Lucchetti.

In the splendid setting of the Lido, two models that embody the values ​​of innovation and style of Lexus were presented in national preview: the new Lexus UX 300e, which represents the mobility of the future with zero emissions and the skilful combination of comfort, performance and design. , and Lexus LC Convertible, the new style icon characterized by an extraordinary design and the usual attention to detail: from the fittings and interior colors to the refined and functional soft top, to guarantee an enveloping, unique and exciting driving experience.

As the Official Car of the event, throughout the Exhibition, Lexus accompanies actors, directors and well-known faces of the cinema up to the red carpet with 36 cars: the LC Convertible and UX 300e are accompanied by the complete range of SUVs, the luxury sedan ES and the LC coupe, all equipped with Lexus Premium Hybrid Electric technology.

The UX 300e urban crossover, Lexus’ first electric car, enhances the refined driving performance and high comfort typical of the brand. The UX 300e’s all-new high-performance engine includes a high-power 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor-generator that gives the car linear acceleration while high-capacity batteries, located under the floor, ensure a low center of gravity and a driving range of up to 400 km.

UX 300e is also characterized by a distinctive design, which combines solidity, elegance and functionality, with driver-centric interiors, materials and inserts built following the traditional techniques of Japanese takumi craftsmanship. Maximum attention has been given to driving comfort, also through a soundproofing of external noises with attention to the smallest details for maximum peace of mind on board. Its luxury cabin is inspired by the Japanese architectural concept of “Engawa”, in which the boundaries between inside and outside appear seamlessly.

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