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Laura Biagiotti perfume Rome – Rome forever. Its millenary history, the infinite variety of its monuments set like precious stones between earth and sky, in the green caressed by the gentle breeze that comes from the sea. Rome the eternal city, capital of the world and of great passions, the ideal background for the most beautiful love stories.

Laura Biagiotti perfume Rome: the new campaign

On this set of incomparable beauty and vastness the film was shot and the photographic images of the advertising campaign of the iconic perfumes were taken. Laura Biagiotti Rome and Rome Man. The images tell one of the many ways to fall in love with Rome, the most romantic and passionate city on earth. The backgrounds, the lights and the characters, in Laura Biagiotti dresses, with their looks, smiles and hugs carry the viewer into a dreamy and eternal dimension.

In the film the director Mariano Vivanco there is a splendid panoramic view of the colonnade of the Museum of Roman Civilization, capable of creating a play of light and shadow that replicates the vertigo of falling in love. The scents burst onto the scene, interspersing and becoming part of the interaction between the protagonists, almost alter-egos of their personalities, passion and emotions. In the visual, her open smile and his deep gaze remain etched in the eyes of those who observe them, as well as the invincible beauty of Rome.

Laura Biagiotti perfume Rome: fragrances

Two fragrances, one style. Roma, feminine with deep tones enhanced by oriental ingredients, it is the expression of awareness, seduction, of the mysterious poetry that envelops women in the cultures of every continent. Rome Man, masculine like the citrus notes of the Mediterranean, it is the expression of strength and adventures, of classicism and discoveries underlined by the sensuality of amber and vanilla coming from the Near East.

A strong character, the feminine one. Which takes advantage of elegance and sensuality, energy and delicacy, a combination of expressions that are only apparently contradictory because they are characteristic of a high sense of emotion. This is why Rome has the energy of research and the mystery of discovery that has made it one of the greatest classics of contemporary perfumery.

Likewise, Roma Uomo is the perfume designed for the man who holds the secret of innate elegance, of the gestures that produce the natural charm of those men who know how to build their personality through the nuances and facets of a culture that enhances the difference to produce the expression of beauty. Two fragrances that have the strength of contemporaneity in them because they arise from that meaning of the modern that regenerates itself in the awareness of change.

The details olfactory compositions di Roma and Roma Uomo make the two perfumes an aerial expression of female and male personalities that reflect the character of the city from which they take their name. Rome is a meeting of cultures that have been able to elaborate and understand each other to produce a new and fascinating one, just as the Roma and Roma Uomo perfumes are born from a set of essences that are able to emphasize their characteristics once they flow into the same fragrance.

Laura Biagiotti perfume Rome: Rome, the essences

A meeting of East and West, memories of Italianness and Middle Eastern exaltations. Roma is a fragrance that releases a femininity that comes from floral, capturing, in the top notes, the essences of Sicilian bergamot mixed with a touch of mint and bitter orange, jasmine and almond blossom in the heart notes. While the base enhances the sensuality through the suggestions of the balm, a combination that derives from the myrrh of North Africa that meets the ambergris of Siam together with the vanilla extract. It is at this point that Singapore patchouli and Balkan oak moss intervene, developing a sensual, sagacious and persistent harmony.

Laura Biagiotti perfume Rome: Rome Man, the essences

The freshness of the Mediterranean that seduces the strength of the elements of the Tropics. Roma Uomo reproduces the timeless classic of man who expresses his strength in the elegance of gestures, thought, bearing. It is the classicism of nature that produces the meeting of pink grapefruit and mandarin, notes with an innate freshness that give brightness even to the spicy notes of basil and laurel while being contaminated by the extraordinary strength of the tropical woods of cedar, sandalwood and boulder. An olfactory combination that gives life to the mystery of male seduction that does not need pretexts and artifices.

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