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Kess Berlin make up cruelty free – The Beauty Essentials from Berlin, responds to the needs of modern women, their determined lifestyle, busy everyday life and growing environmental awareness with a series of high quality time-saving products for quick, simple and natural, suitable for any time of day.

“Kess”, which in the common German language means self-confident, smart and self-confident girl, is the perfect expression that gives identity to this very young beauty brand born and developed in Berlin in 2019. Kess’s success was immediate and convincing thanks also to the choice of high quality ingredients, 100% vegan and simple packaging but with a refined effect.

In fact, Kess proposes one line of multitasking, essential and intuitive products to return to a minimal beauty routine that is easy to apply and always at hand. The products are characterized by innovative and highly performing formulas, paying the utmost attention to totally paraben-free and vegan-free, cruelty-free ingredients also in terms of derivatives, e gluten free.

Every single formula has been developed with competence, passion and attention, so that every moment can be an effective break to always feel at ease without the need for a mirror. The range features intelligent and multifunctional products such as the Day Mascara, one of the best sellers of the brand, which offers thicker and longer lashes, and the most famous and recognizable Blush & Highlighter Duo Stick.

An innovative combination of blush and cream illuminator enclosed in a single product that simplifies the daily routine, proposed in different shades combined for a perfect complexion and a lasting glow. This multifunctional composition for cheeks, eyes and lips is easily blended with your fingers or brush for quick quality touch-ups. The creamy texture moisturizes and provides instant freshness to the face, thanks to components such as vitamin E combined with almond wax.

The different solutions for lips, face and eyes complete the Kess product range: come on Lipstick e Vegan Lip Gloss, all’Easy Brow Pencil e Liquid Eyeliner up to the famous Eyeshadow Tower, for a special eye-match that is easy to use thanks to the 3 combined textures.

Kess Berlin make up cruelty free: la nuova CC Cream

On the occasion of its second anniversary, Kess introduces a new product suitable for every season: the CC Cream. Moisturize, correct and protect these are the main qualities of the new CC Cream. A tinted face cream that combines 3 products in one: moisturizer, color corrector and sunscreen.

During the cold months, make-up deliberately leaves the skin in its natural tones and day creams, with extra light textures and a touch of pigment, become the best beauty secret. Kess CC Cream is totally vegan, adaptable to any complexion and with SPF30 sun protection factor, ideal for obtaining a well-groomed, radiant and even complexion with a simple gesture. The idea to the
the basis of CC Cream is precisely to create a product that always makes you feel like you have 12 hours of sleep behind you.

This light tinted face cream is not greasy, moisturizes the skin and protects from the sun, correcting the color and smoothing the complexion in a fresh way. A product to always feel at ease, which does not cover but enhances the complexion thanks to the luminous and natural finish. CC Cream contains pigments that react to your own pH level in the skin and are activated when you apply the fluid with your fingers. Instantly makes the face radiant, smooth and uniform, eliminating any redness, paleness or signs of fatigue.

This is thanks to a powerful natural extract with which it is enriched: Hoya Lacunosa FlowerAlso used in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent, it has moisturizing, antioxidant and illuminating properties. The cream spreads easily and works for dry, oily and combination skin; it has a fresh, delicate and unobtrusive scent, and a naturally luminous finish.

CC Cream is available in three shades of color adaptable and universal, three different shades ranging from Light for light complexions, to Medium for slightly tanned ones, to Tan for darker and tanned ones. Depending on the type of skin, the cream can be used pure or applied over a normal moisturizer. In addition, CC Cream SPF 30 is dermatologically tested, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, without parabens, mineral oils, nanoparticles, PEG and gluten.

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