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Issey Miyake profumo A Drop d’Issey – Almost 30 years after the iconic L’Eau D’Issey, Issey Miyake opens another chapter in its history with a new feminine fragrance: A Drop d’Issey. Joyful, optimistic, innovative, this new milestone follows in the footsteps of an emblematic water story. It inaugurates a new and great adventure, independent, created by the hand of Man and revealed by nature. A Drop d’Issey transforms perception, breaks codes, offers a positive vision of the world and creates new bonds with nature.

From one simple drop, Issey Miyake perfumes reaffirm their uniqueness by extending the flow of water, from tiny to infinity. Spherical and transparent, the drop deforms, transforms, flattens, bounces. It reflects, reflects, shows itself. Mysterious and surprising, it captures the essence of nature to reveal its hidden treasures and unexpected surprises, invisible to the naked eye. When it rests, the drop changes into a mirror, a magnifying glass, letting us admire the hidden beauties. This new drop invites us to immerse ourselves in an unprecedented imaginary and offers a joyful interlude of poetry. A new world is revealed, opening the way to the essential.

A Drop d’Issey: the video of the campaign

Issey Miyake profumo A Drop d’Issey: la fragranza

In Issey Miyake’s fragrances, nature plays a central role. It is the common thread, it inspires and permeates every creation. The A Drop d’Issey fragrance looks at the hidden beauty of silent flowers and the delicate balance between natural and non-natural ingredients. It is an invitation to discover the magic of nature and the beauty of the world.

Discovering a dumb flower in the heart of A Drop d’Issey and picking it. The lillà it has a distinctive scent, but jealously guards it; only by reconstituting it can its smell be recovered. It is the work of the perfumer Ane Ayo cha learned the trade in the inner circle of Grasse.

For A Drop d’Issey, he keeps the original inspiration in his memory: “Revealing what is invisible to the naked eye and working on the perfume in all its details, as if to hide surprises in the heart of the fragrance”. For the first time, in an Issey Miyake creation a silent flower, reconstituted and revealed, expresses itself and “speaks”. Ane Ayo scrutinizes and chooses lilacs to reveal their intangible secrets.

If lilac is at the heart of an extremely feminine composition, the other ingredients are equally valuable. As a top note, the rosa damascena provides a pure and transparent floral accent. To enhance the recreated solar lilac, Ane Ayo chose one note of orange blossom ethically sourced, which creates a dazzling bouquet, and a touch of badiana echoing the aniseed facet of lilac. A note of almond milk gives a tone imbued with sweetness, while a vegetal accord reinforces the perception of naturalness.

The bouquet is based on a background of velvety musks, while vanillin and ambrox accentuate the sensation of sweetness. A musky floral fragrance enveloping and reassuring, a haven of well-being. The selected natural essences are the result of careful research and ethical implications in the collection chain. A Drop d’Issey celebrates the perfect harmony between the perfumes created by nature and their recomposition sublimated by the talent of the perfumer.

Issey Miyake profumo A Drop d’Issey: il packaging

The drop flattens, stretches, deforms, settles, horizontally. A Drop d’Issey, a drop similar to a bubble; curved lenses, magnifying glass effect, optical effects game. The bottle surprises, offers a new perspective on the world with an innocent look at things, and is a creation of the American designer Todd Bracher.

By combining the simplicity of a perfect form with poetry and a deliberately tactile aspect of the object, Todd Bracher designed the drop bottle. His goal: to redesign a drop of water in one piece. In clear and bright glass, the bottle was made with the right amount of glass (without excess) and contains 5% recycled PCR glass. The integrated white soft-touch cap releases the fragrance with a simple and gentle pressure, an all-in-one bottle where nothing is superfluous.

One, two, three drops, three homothetic bottle formats (30, 50 and 90 ml). The perfume plays with crystalline transparencies, with simplicity and clarity and evokes the water cycle. The white packaging features a shimmering lens, like the reflection of a 3D drop with a brilliant silver sheen. A specular fish-eye effect that deforms, offers a different vision, opens up new perspectives. Made of cardboard, with materials from sustainably managed forests.


An ode to nature, the universe of A Drop d’Issey is immersed with its images in shades of purple and mauve. A myriad of lilac petals make up a new and exquisite procession of colors. The bottle enters this vegetable universe. The prism of the drop shows the invisible. With a magnifying glass effect, as if by magic, the petal is nothing but an illusion and instead reveals itself as a graceful butterfly wing. From flora to fauna, where does one end and where the other begins? Tiny, the insect appears, offers itself to the eye, revealed by the drop that reveals life and beauty as it passes by.

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