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Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet, on the occasion of the new digital campaign dedicated to the star lipstick, he chose the American actress Sadie Sink.

Sadie Sink she is a young woman in step with the times. An exceptional, determined, surprising actress. A rising star of cinema, with a beauty that is anything but classic. In short, the perfect incarnation of the new generation of Givenchy women. On the occasion of the digital campaign, Sadie Sink celebrates the House’s boldest lipstick: Le Rouge Deep Velvet.

Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet: Sadie Sink, il video

She began her Broadway career in 2013 with the starring role in the revival of “Annie”. She co-starred with Helen Mirren in Tony Award nominated “The Audience,” directed by Stephen Daldry in 2017. Sadie then joined the cast of the acclaimed Netflix TV series “Stranger Things,” where she played “Mad Max,” a girl with a complicated past, with a tomboy look and a mysterious character, alongside Emmy nominated actors.

She also appears in Lionsgate’s The Glass Castle, based on Jeannette Walls’ bestselling novel, in which Sadie plays a young Lori alongside Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson. She recently appeared in the Netflix horror movie Eli and we will find her again in the Netflix TV series Fear Street 2, as well as in the fourth season of Stranger Things, which is eagerly awaited.

A concentrate of edgy elegance, Le Rouge Deep Velvet gives an intense and ultra-matte color from the very first stroke. Its velvety and generous texture glides over the lips, covering them with a powdery finish without a material effect. Comfortable and long-lasting, it offers a prolonged moisturizing effect for 6 hours and guarantees an intense make-up result that lasts up to 12 hours. With a single gesture, Le Rouge Deep Velvet gives the look a unique touch of sophistication. A true Couture signature, reinterpreted by Sadie Sink with three emblematic looks.

A sophisticated make-up for great occasions and very special evenings. The star of the look is Rouge Deep Velvet N° 37 Rouge
, a powerful carmine, the most iconic shade of the range. To highlight the contour of the lips, on Sadie Sink’s face the reliefs with points of light are emphasized. And the Hollywood spirit is accentuated by the presence of a line of eyeliner flush with the upper lashes, enhanced by a touch of mascara.

A nude complexion uniform in transparency, a look without mascara, loose hair. Le Rouge Deep Velvet reinterprets a completely natural look. Especially since Sadie Sink’s lips are made up with one of the strongest shades of the color palette, both intense and edgy: The Forbidden N ° 36.

Play it like Sadie! Questo look ultra-fresco reveals a luminous complexion, enhanced by a hint of slightly pink blush. Her eyes are highlighted with a touch of black mascara. Her lips are embellished with Rouge Deep Velvet N° 25 Fuchsia Vibrant, a bold, spontaneous pop nuance, in which beauty is synonymous with freedom.

“I can be calm. I can be fun. And I also know how to be serious… Le Rouge Deep Velvet gives me boldness and confidence. It enhances my personality, ”said Sadie Sink.

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