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Forbidden Eau de Parfum Rouge Givenchy – Breaking conventions, breaking free, vibrating: since its creation, L’Interdit has never stopped acting as a powerful catalyst of liberating powers. In 2018, thePerfume, resolutely bold, invites to transgress the rules; in 2019 the thrill of L’Interdit leaves room for exaltation with theCologne, which highlights the part of the shadow recognized by every woman.

Forbidden Eau de Parfum Rouge Givenchy: the countryside

In 2020 theIntense Eau de Parfum accentuates and amplifies this irresistible call to challenge the Prohibited. Deeper, darker, it exalts transgression by transforming it into addiction. Today begins a new chapter that plays with fire. With the’Red Perfume, L’Interdit inflames and burns with incandescent sensuality. It’s not about resisting but letting go. The Interdit bewilders with its sensual and devastating thrill. It is no longer just urgency. It is obsession.

This new creation pays homage to L’Interdit’s iconic color, the rosso, which ignites the inside of the bottle. Passed by the light, it seems to ignite. Translucent, the carmine interior lacquer reveals a technical prowess, unheard of in the fragrance market. This sulphurous ornament warms the iconic glass silhouette. The timeless lines of the bottle, highlighted by the Couture ribbon and the Maison’s emblem seal – a 4G logo – are more sensual than ever.

The case with a pure and decisive design also takes on a deep red hue, enlivened by the silver logo of L’Interdit. At the opening, Hubert de Givenchy’s signature scarlet red completes this infinitely feminine monochrome casket.

The fragrance

Composta dai Maitre Parfumeur Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Fanny Bal, Eau de Parfum Rouge sets fire to L’Interdit’s underground firm. The fragrance is infused with a glowing red chord with accentuated sensuality.

Fiery, the original flower bouquet lets itself be carried away by the warmth of a sour blood orange. Explosive, the latter galvanizes the aphrodisiac notes of a ginger with a detonating freshness. The vibrant composition catches fire in an extreme fusion with the chilli leaf and releases a sensual, extremely seductive spicy accord.

The woody, subversive base notes, with smoky and underground accents of vetiver and patchouli, combine with the captivating and languid sweetness of a New Caledonian sandalwood. The result is a fiery and carnal new signature. The Eau de Parfum Rouge beats with a new sensuality and its intoxicating jus consumes us with a devouring attraction.

The magnetic charm of the actress Rooney Mara continues to ignite the fragrance. Her gaze, her beauty, her presence, everything in her ignites the codes of L’Interdit in the advertising campaign shot by the fashion photographer David Sims.

Her lips, coated in deep carmine, echo the fiery universe of Eau de Parfum Rouge and contrast with the Givenchy Haute Couture dress in black lace. In the distance, red halos illuminate the depth of the metro station in which it appears more decisive and fascinating than ever.

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