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Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Sheerlips is the first moisturizing and radiant lip care product that combines the texture of a lip balm with the shine of four shades inspired by the colors of flowers, formulated with extraordinarily delicate pigments to recreate shades with a semi-transparent finish. The nourishing properties contained in the formula leave the lips smooth and soft thanks to a moisturizing action and a comfort that lasts all day.

Enriched by the Mediterranean Glow Complex by Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, an extraordinary synergy of ingredients that protects the lips by nourishing and moisturizing them, Sheerlips is also formulated with sunflower seed wax that makes the texture even richer.

Easy to apply and suitable for any natural lip color, the four shades are perfect for every complexion and inspired by a different flower: Lovely Tulip it is a dark pink with intense tones; Sweet Lily, is a pale, soft and delicate pink; Spring Peony, is an intense and lively fuchsia with a playful touch, e Joyful Sunflower, is the perfect coral.

For Sheerlips, the packaging dorato by Dolce & Gabbana Beauty is dressed in different floral patterns for each of the four shades. The Lovely Tulip variant is adorned with a cascade of pink petals and dark green leaves. Sweet Lily shines with delicate white petals. Spring Peony is embellished with a palette of lilac and purple and the flowers that decorate the cover of Joyful Sunflowers explode with sunny happiness.

The campaign is created by Mert & Marcus. An intense bright pink peony in the center of the scene is perfectly matched to the lips of the protagonist model wearing Sheerlips Spring Peony. The image offers a fresh and casual interpretation of contemporary femininity.

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