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Chanel Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur – Quintessential Chanel Research savoir-faire, the linea Sublimage embodies a holistic vision of treatment and of women since its creation in 2006. Each treatment is enriched with powerful active ingredients extracted from the Vanilla Planifolia and wisely shaped in order to offer an unprecedented sensory experience.

Since 2016, Chanel has been offering women the experience of a radiant complexion with Sublimage Le Teint. Thought of as a treatment, it is a moisturizing foundation brightness generator that guarantees a soft and generous texture: extraordinarily sensorial, it blends into the skin, making it perfectly uniform, for a natural make-up result with a satin effect. The skin is instantly plumped and smoothed throughout the day.

To enrich this unprecedented perspective of beauty, Chanel completes the ritual by creating Sublimage The Perfecting Care, a moisturizing and illuminating base. The Maison’s Skincare and Make up expertise come together in a brand new product, which meets both the needs of the skin and those of the complexion. Gesture adapts to the wearer’s needs: the complexion is sublimated, the skin is protected.

Chanel Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur: the formula ibrida

Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur is a moisturizing base that reveals radiance thanks to the concentrated water of Vanilla Planifolia. Extracted from the ripe green vanilla fruit, obtained by hydrodistillation, this active ingredient of natural origin protects the skin from free radicals generated by UV rays and pollution (environmental stress). The treated areas are illuminated.

Applied as a moisturizing treatment, after make-up or as a touch of radiance, Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur is an exceptional skincare and make-up product. Its formula can be applied in three different ways, it is not colored and is ideal for all skin profiles. Rich in fine nacre perfecting the complexion, Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur enhances the make-up result while hydrating the skin, thanks to wetting agents. It gives it a refreshing and enveloping sensation. The complexion is uniform, even without wearing make-up. For added convenience, Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur has been packaged in a refillable dispenser bottle.

The new gestures

The new gestures developed for Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur make it the perfect beauty ally, day after day. This exceptional treatment offers women a unique sensory experience declined in three different application modes, depending on the beauty desires.

As a day cream: apply a nut of product all over your face after Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale or Sublimage L’Essence Lumière.

As a base for make-up: apply all over the face after Sublimage La Crème or Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème, and before your foundation.

As an illuminating retouch: repeat the application at any time of the day, even on cleansed skin, to revive the light points of the face: cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow.

From facial treatment to make-up ally: Sublimage Le Soin Perfecteur offers tailor-made brightness, perfect light. The skin is flawless under all circumstances.

Applied before Sublimage Le Teint, it prepares the skin to receive make-up. The skin is radiant, enhanced by this combination of exceptional products that make it perfectly uniform, while giving it an intense sensation of comfort. Between Skincare and Make up, this beauty ritual reveals a new gesture for even more visible results. Making up becomes a way to take care of your skin.

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