Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom |  lipstick |  20 unique colors

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom – The richness of a lipstick and the brightness of a gloss combine in a single gesture. Intensity, long lasting and plumping effect enclosed in an exclusive patented formula developed by Chanel Research: this is the innovation of Rouge Coco Bloom.

Moisturizing and with a high concentration of micronized pigments, this new generation lipstick does not disappoint and the color will not leave you for eight hours. A palette of twenty bright and unique shades created by Chanel’s Make-up Studio.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom: the new generation lipstick

Rouge Coco Bloom is characterized by the strength of color and brilliance. The transparent cap reveals the intense brightness of its deep and vibrant nuances. The new packaging created for Rouge Coco Bloom has a new silver ring which causes the stick to rotate very slowly. As always, in Chanel, the shape must match the content: chic and without equal. In this creation, the rotation system has been deliberately slowed down for optimal application and fluid gestures.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom: Research and innovation

The story of Rouge Coco Bloom begins in 2016, in the Chanel Research Laboratory in Japan, which takes up the challenge of combining color, long-lasting wear and shine in a single formula. After three years of work, Chanel research has developed an exclusive technology in two phases: the first fixes the color, the second reveals an extraordinary brilliance when the micro-particles of oils open on the surface, plumping the lips. Thanks to the high concentration of micronized pigments and to the film-forming agent of natural origin contained in the colored phase, the color will last for eight hours.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom: color protagonist

Play with colors! Let yourself be warmed by Alive, a classic yet surprising red, with a delicate undertone that gives it color and personality. Let yourself be enchanted by Radiant, a romantic reinterpretation of the classic pink, with a touch of mauve. Let yourself be conquered by Wonder, a new pure, natural and delicate rose. Let yourself be charmed by Season, a bright and luminous fuchsia, which contains the enthusiasm of summer. Enlighten yourself with Sunlight, an orange with terracotta tones, perfect to lift the mood and enhance the complexion, without sacrificing the natural effect.

Get overwhelmed by Vitality, an intense red with a chic allure, to affirm one’s personality. Surprise yourself with Unexpected, an intense brown red with character, warmer than the classic burgundy. Or let yourself be fascinated by Surprise, a vibrant coppery plum that goes perfectly with darker skin tones.

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