Chanel Lily-Rose Depp Rouge Coco Bloom | campagna | video

Chanel Lily-Rose Depp Rouge Coco Bloom – The Maison presents the new advertising campaign starring ambassador Lily-Rose Depp together with a large group of ambassadors who interpret the energy of this ode to color that illuminates every smile.

Chanel Lily-Rose Depp Rouge Coco Bloom: the video of the campaign

Eight girls, in an advertising campaign created by Patrick Daughters, wear the eight emblematic shades of the Rouge Coco Bloom palette. Lips capture the spotlight and enhance their looks, magnetizing the looks. Each girl wears a different color. And like the color range, they are all unique but complementary.

Rouge Coco Bloom has a palette of twenty luminous shades created by the Chanel Make-up Creation Studio. Unique and singular, they express all the Maison’s expertise in terms of color. Let yourself be warmed by Alive, a classic and at the same time surprising red, with a delicate undertone that gives it warmth and personality.

Let yourself be enchanted by Radiant, a romantic reinterpretation of the classic pink, with a touch of mauve. Let yourself be conquered by Wonder, a pure, natural and delicate pink shade. Let yourself be charmed by Season, a bright and luminous fuchsia, which contains the enthusiasm of summer.

Enlighten yourself with Sunlight, an orange with terracotta tones, perfect to lift the mood and enhance the complexion, without sacrificing the natural effect. Get overwhelmed by Vitality, an intense red with a chic allure, to affirm one’s personality. Surprise yourself with Unexpected, an intense brown red with character, warmer than the classic burgundy. Or let yourself be fascinated by Surprise, a vibrant coppery plum, which goes perfectly with darker-toned skins.

All for one and one for all! Let yourself be carried away by their lively choreography under the Californian sun. Their happiness is engaging. It conveys the determination of girls who know what they want. In line with the famous quote by Mademoiselle Chanel, “If you are sad, wear lipstick and stick “, remember that the smile is life. Like them, wear lipstick. And shine!

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