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Brioni Eau de Parfum – It is an unrivaled expression of masculine elegance. The prestige of the Eternal City combined with the unparalleled Italian savoir-faire. A refined aesthetic vision, born in the glorious era of Cinecittà. Formal clothing is permeated by that casual and modern touch that has made Brioni famous all over the world, becoming the sartorial choice of legends since 1945.


From Hollywood stars to heads of state, Brioni’s prestigious clientele has transformed the boutique on Via Barberini 79 in Rome into an emblem. All over the world, the brand’s unique formula combines elegant nonchalance with meticulous quality, turning the men who wear its creations into legend.

Today, Brioni proudly presents the ideal complement to its sartorial universe. The last touch, invisible and irresistible, for a perfect outfit. A fragrance made in such a way that each carefully balanced ingredient spreads the same sense of well-being, security and deep emotional bond of a Brioni dress.

“Our new fragrance, like all Brioni creations, is exactly halfway between elegance and charisma. A perfume that does not dominate but envelops the wearer with an irresistible presence, a reassuring caress and a virile charm ”commented Norbert Stumpfl, Executive Design Director of Brioni.

Brioni Eau de Parfum: the fragrance

For the creation of the first Brioni fragrance, the Maison relies on the famous master perfumer Michel Almairac. The perfume is a short and tailor-made formula, mixing with high precision ingredients of first choice, of natural or synthetic origin. Well balanced and harmonious, always remembering that simplicity is the refinement par excellence, permeated by a feeling of calm security and discreet elegance. In other words: a perfect match for the Maison Brioni.

“For this fragrance, I wanted to celebrate Brioni’s sophisticated and refined elegance. A perfume with few raw materials, for a creation that knows how to sublimate them all together. They juxtapose perfectly to give life to this authentic sillage that translates the mastery of Italian couture ”said Michel Almairac, Robertet’s master perfumer.

Enhanced by an ozonic accent and fresh pink peppercorns like gin, the essence opens with the luminous note of a fragrant green apple. The Brioni man exerts a discreet charm, mirrored by the flower that blooms in the heart of this fragrance. The soft, green and powdery violets contrast with the warmth of the Ambroxan, musky and silky like the skin.

Just like every dress needs a defined silhouette, this Eau de Parfum is structured by the clean aroma of cedar. But since it has to wrap like a second skin, it is enriched by the aroma of Tonka beans, velvety almond, and by a touch of soft musk like cashmere. Irresistible for softness, brightness and comfort, just like a Brioni tailored suit, Brioni Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that lets you express your personality, becoming part of who you are.

It bottle style, as expected, perfectly reflects the vision of Norbert Stumpfl, Executive Design Director of Brioni. Speaking of his vision of the brand, which also extends to the design of the bottle of this Eau de Parfum, the Austrian designer declares: “Brioni is Italian, Roman charm, it is craftsmanship; it is luxury and spontaneous masculine elegance: nonchalance and discretion, for true connoisseurs. Brioni is not fashion, Brioni is style “. And the design of the new Brioni Eau de Parfum fully reflects this aesthetic position.

Made of sturdy Italian navy blue glass, with a thick and sinuous base, the bottle with wide and rounded shoulders is decorated with essentiality by a satin label, like the tags sewn inside the Brioni tailored suits. The label is decorated with a cross-stitch motif. The emblem of the Roman style for over 75 years is stamped on it: Brioni.

As an added touch of class, the cap is magnetic, and it immediately tightens around the neck of the bottle as soon as you place it. On this cap we find a B engraved, as well as on the upper part of the spray diffuser, embellished with a refined gilding and which represents how much the true masculine refinement resides in the details. Finally, the label stitching design is hot stamped onto the fine navy blue satin-finish packaging.

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