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Brioni Intense Eau de Parfum – Unparalleled expression of masculine elegance, a mix of sophisticated and casual Roman style combined with unparalleled Italian know-how. Tailoring legends since 1945, the Maison Brioni has given a refined aesthetic vision to formal men’s clothing by skilfully combining elegance, ease and modernity.

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense: the countryside

Admired on red carpets around the world, i legendary tuxedos of the Maison have become a reference point for men’s evening wear of style, from Hollywood star to the heads of state. Impeccably crafted and masterfully constructed, in timeless black or boldly colored silks inspired by the festive opulence of Rome, they are a testament to Brioni’s craftsmanship and legacy.

The Maison presents the second work of its fragrance wardrobe, to be combined with its most iconic garment. The last invisible touch to add to a prestigious evening outfit. Enriched with superior quality sustainable materials. Enclosed in an elegant and eco-responsible bottle. A new scented signature that reveals a different and more sensual facet of the modern legend Brioni Intense Eau de Parfum.

“Our new Eau de Parfum Intense explores the magical possibilities of a Roman evening, which reveal themselves from dusk. It is a fragrance full of expectations and sensual charm, ”said Norbert Stumpfl, Brioni’s Design Director.

To create a collection of suitable perfumes, the Maison Brioni has relied on a legend of perfumery, Michel Almairac, creator of Brioni Eau de Parfum. For the new offer of the Maison, the Master Perfumer collaborated with Karine Vinchon-Spehner, who was his pupil fifteen years ago. The duo worked closely with Norbert Stumpfl, Design Director of Brioni, in Grasse.

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense boasts a short, lean formula that offers a perfect balance of refined, multifaceted ingredients. “Echoing the Maison’s high standards, we have highlighted the best qualities of our raw materials, which are persistent and reveal themselves from the beginning of the night until the early morning”, explains the Master Perfumer.

The new fragrance

Brioni Intense Eau de Parfum

Fresh like the sunset breeze, bright like the city that lights up at nightfall, sparkling like a glass of Prosecco. A duo of luminous Italian citrus oils, peppery bergamot and juicy mandarins, paired with an aromatic pink pepper in the fresh opening notes.

Smooth and sexy like a velvet jacket, earthy patchouli envelops the fragrance with refined elegance. Opulent saffron weaves its perfumed and velvety threads into the luxuriant olfactory fabric. The green apple adds a flash of silky moiré light. The intense and sombre masculinity of oud. The warm scent of Ambroxan skin. The sweet embrace of vanilla. A darkly sophisticated drydown reveals the most mysterious and sensual side of the Brioni man.

Brioni Intense Eau de Parfum

Rich, vibrant, persistent, elegant like the perfect tuxedo and just as sexy, the Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense is a perfume that marks your presence with an unforgettable trail. Because it becomes part of who you are. The aura of a legend.

In line with Brioni’s policy of sourcing more sustainable fabrics from Italian suppliers, the Maison has focused on using environmentally friendly and socially responsible ingredients. In Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense, the artificial molecules produced by green chemistry are carefully selected from an eco-conscious palette. These are blended with sustainable natural materials, sourced from the Robertet fragrance house in Grasse.

The scent is free of artificial colors, it is vegan friendly, cruelty free, and produced in France both in Paris, where it was made, and in Grasse, where the concentrate is produced. The alcohol used is also natural, vegan friendly and made in France from agricultural ingredients such as beetroot and wheat. It does not contain GMOs and has not been tested on animals.

Brioni Intense Eau de Parfum

Taking up the nighttime inspiration of the new offering, the sturdy glass bottle is lacquered in a black shade that showcases the elegant curves of the base. It is embellished with a satin label, inspired by the labels sewn into the bespoke Brioni suits, edged with a gold cross stitch pattern. The cap is magnetic, enriched by the iconic B-logo; the logo is also present on the top of the golden dispenser.

Like the fragrance, the bottle and the box reflect Brioni’s commitment to sourcing more sustainable materials from Italian manufacturers. The made in Italy bottle made by Bormioli Luigi, a prestigious glassmaker committed to sustainable production techniques, is recyclable. The manufacturing process ensures that the glass is not wasted and that the water is completely clean after use. The raw materials used to decorate the bottle are water-based and therefore environmentally friendly. The black satin box is recyclable and has obtained FSC certification.

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