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Bond No 9 Off-Broadway: the new fragrance full of optimism that pays homage to one of the greatest traditions of New York City.

Bond No 9 Off-Broadway – Why pay all the attention to Broadway only? Off-Broadway is where many stars were born. We still don’t know when theaters will reopen, and in the meantime Netflix may have replaced the live experience for most of us, but Bond No 9 is proud to present a new fragrance full of optimism that pays homage to one of the greatest traditions. of New York City.

It could be said that she is the little sister of the iconic Broadway Nite, but in this case, she is not a shy flower. “It’s not a quiet fragrance, it’s quite loud and exuberant!” he claims Laurice Rahme, founder and president of Bond No. 9. Like “Hamilton” (which debuted Off-Broadway), this bold floral fragrance is destined to be a big hit.

While the Great White Way has always been a reference point, Off-Broadway confirms itself as an avant-garde alternative where the most promising productions can become great hits. After all, many of the most famous comedies and musicals started there, like “Rent”, “A Chorus Line,” e “Dear Evan Hansen”, just to name a few. In fact, some New York pillars like “Stomp” e “Blue Man Group” they don’t even bother making the uptown trip! The new Off Broadway fragrance marches to the beat of its own drum and offers an equally intimate atmosphere, a creative joie de vivre.

Off Broadway is a true drama queen that sings out loud and draws attention with its sparkling blend of grapefruit and blackcurrant blossoms. The interval, as it were, features luxurious lily, osmanthus and nutmeg. In the finish, the composition makes a grand bow with musk, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver, granting a highly contagious encore.

The red color is emblematic of the theater, from the rich velvet curtains to the carpet spread to celebrate the stars. This is where the classic silhouette of the bottle is transformed with the scarlet logo, with a festive and regal design that pays homage to the celebrations and all the Off Broadway-style art they represent!

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