BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition Alcantara: design futuristico e personalizzazione estrema

BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition Alcantara -Alcantara and BMW Italia presented the BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition in the Alcantara Concept Store in Milan: a one-off that does not go unnoticed for its futuristic design, original applications and exclusive and hypnotic color.

On board, Alcantara dresses the seats, dashboard, door panels and steering wheel, now in black with contrasting stitching, now alternating black and Lime – specially developed by the Alcantara Style Center – in nuance with the external livery with laser perforations which create a design inspired by the helix of the BMW logo replicated in a harmonious way and following the sinuous lines of the interior.

The embroidered logos and Lime-colored contrast stitching emphasize the racer character of this design exercise born from the close collaboration between the Alcantara Style Center and BMW Italia. The seats and side bolsters in Alcantara guarantee the driver grip for a sporty ride, especially in lateral acceleration, comfort and wear resistance, combined with an unparalleled sensory experience.

Extreme customization, design and craftsmanship are just some of the characteristics of the Made in Italy brand that contribute to making the new BMW i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition a unique specimen. Not only exclusivity, but also sustainability.

In addition to being a hybrid car with advanced technological equipment, the one-off is characterized by its reduced environmental impact (in fact it reaches a speed of 250 km / h, with only 46 g of CO2 per km), as well as Alcantara, material 100 % Carbon Neutral.

Each square meter produced by Alcantara has a net balance of CO2 emissions equal to zero. The company was the first Italian industrial company, and among the first in the world, to achieve the status of Carbon Neutrality in 2009, certified by the TÜV SÜD body, a status reconfirmed in 2019 for the tenth consecutive year.

With this car Alcantara thus renews its collaboration with BMW Italia showing its ability to interpret every single need with extreme personalization, where exclusivity and creativity become the very essence of the project.

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